Even the eye wants its share


Our Specialities

Filetto with wild green pepper

Irish scottona fillet with wild green pepper and Pommery ancient mustard with baked potatoes.

Glacier 51

Slice cooked on charcoal of olive trees, sea asparagus, and pearls of pesto with basil.

Sciatt and Salad

Cheese buckwheat croquettes that hide a tasty heart of Casera cheese.


The famous Valtellina's pizzoccheri, a tasty first course with potatoes and cabbage.

Kobe Bresaola

Bresaola made from the original Wagyu from Kobe (Japan), accompanied by sautéed Shitake mushrooms with a soy and lime taste.

Mazara del Vallo Red Prawns

We also serve fish such as Prawns from the Don Gambero Company.